More Argos poetry

I thought I’d have another skim of the Argos site and see if there were any more poems waiting to be formed in the customer reviews. Turns out almost every page teems with them. 

The first product I tried, at random, was the Qualcast Corded Rotary 1300W Mower and 320W Grass Trimmer.  And almost immediately there was another little story – like the one I found about the massage chair.

Here’s cb20 in Scotland (with a few line breaks from me):

In middle of cutting grass
when mower stopped working. 
On to computer
and saw this mower
and decided to buy. 

Easy to use
and adjust height to cut. 
Found it very efficient
and light to use.
Great produce.

We can be fairly sure that cb20 meant ‘product’ at the end, but it seems important not to monkey with the source text.

(I love the idea, too, that cb20 simply abandons his stalled mower in the middle of the lawn, marches into the house, gets online and buys a new one.)

Then, a few comments down, I find that Darius2 of England (mower customers apparently favour broad geographical locations) has beaten me to the punch. His review is already broken into lines of breathtaking concision.

Again, we must assume 'Goog’ is a slip. But fair play, Darius2.